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Our Services Direct to Consumer Clubs

Our major focus is to provide expert advice and nationally collected data for clubs and facilities that are finding their tennis or fitness departments either lacking in programming or administration. Through in-person and zoom meetings, we offer shorter-based services as a varied avenue to working with clubs and facilities through tough times or, simply, to better the member experience.

Executive Search and Recruitment

Often, it is the personnel and staff members that just aren’t forming a cohesive team. Perhaps the ethos of the club is different and varied from the vision of the Director of Tennis or the Director of Fitness. We investigate the administrative roles played by the department heads through to the teaching levels of instructors and guide clubs and facilities through the search and recruitment process if change is required. With our in-house HR specialists, we can hire and retain “best-in-class” professionals, instructors and administrators.

Shop and Retail Consultancy and Buying

With years of marketing experience among our team members, we can offer retail expertise,as well as online sales experience through club websites and software. Through centralized purchasing from leading fashion brands such as Vineyard Vines, Sofibella, Lulu Lemon and tennis sporting goods companies such as Babolat and Wilson, we can offer lower pricing than individual clubs can attain. With our own clothing brand, BTB, planned for release in April 2021, we will also offer wholesale prices to our partners and clients with this brand new to market.

Point of Sale, Reservation, Accounting Software Review

Through our experience with so many clubs across the country, all of our team members are well-versed with software aimed at the club business. From Jonas and Northstar to smaller applications, we can add expert knowledge and advise on systems for reservations, bookings, billing and point of sale across club departments.

Compensation Comparison Studies

We will happily review with our clients their software requirements and reporting procedures. Once in place and with more in-depth data in hand, we can look at compensation for current staff and compare with national and local salaries and stipends, private session rates and group and clinic pricing against revenue streams.

Membership Communications Review

Through working with a host of database firms and having created and managed communications ranging from texting to emails and integrating databases across various communication avenues, we offer a full review, and if needed, a full rebuild of club communications.

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