The Bustling Self-Starter Who Is Learning The Skills of Direct Marketing

The Bustling Self-Starter Who Is Learning The Skills of Direct Marketing

Margit Bannon Joins The Podcast In Our Series On Women In Our Industry

Magit Bannon, USPTA instructor, yoga teacher and now entrepreneur takes us through her jump into self-employment. Having a court in her backyard and looking at her 30 minute commute for many years, she has jumped into business for herself with her Play Tennis, Practice Yoga brand, based in Punta Gorda, Florida.

What she didn’t realize? The amount of time she would be spending on marketing and social media along with the communication. But Margit is happy to be crerating new relationships in the industry and looking to move forward with her business once travel is safely back to a sense of normality.

After working in Columbus, Ohio at the Olympia Club and then another 12 years at a yacht club in Florida, Margit decided to step out and use her childhood court as her foundation for a new idea – Yoga for Tennis. Her YouTube Channel has just reached 200 subscribers but her zeal for what she does on and off the court shows through on her videos, her Instagram account and her work with her clients and colleagues in the industry.

Play Tennis, Practice Yoga Founder Margit Bannon. Is it us or does that Wilson Blade head size look a bit too big?

Through social media and building her YouTube channel, Margit has built a booming business and sees herself traveling with her Yoga for Tennis methods. Margit, through her entrepreneurial spirit, is now an internet star boasting just an IPhone and a tripod – not much needed these days to gain followers and gain a following on social media if you have a great idea and the discipline and diligence to follow through – which Margit does.

Having played tennis at a Division 1 level and competed at the highest levels in American junior tennis at events such as the Orange Bowl while training under the eyes of Nick Bolletieri, Margit understands the pressures on the court. The idea of calming one’s self and getting outside and beyond the pressure of, say, a college tennis match – well it can make the difference between winning and losing. Everyone and every coach is looking to strengthen the mental game just as much as the physical game. And Margit is at the cutting edge through her mindful work and her yoga practices. Please visit her YouTube Channel: Play Tennis, Practice Yoga!

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