Is Tennis Still A Sport For Just The Elite?

Is Tennis Still A Sport For Just The Elite?

Tennis and golf are two sports central to all country clubs. With such a concentration of players and spectators emanating from the private members clubs, is it that tennis is still inaccessible to many? We ask this question with famed writer Amisha Savani, the co-author to The People’s Wimbledon.

How the media and contributors views tennis, both at the major tournaments and at the private members club, is so important to our club industry. Last year we brought on the podcast the publisher of Racquet Magazine and this summer we recorded a conversation with one of the leading British writers covering tennis: Amisha Savani. As this is a rather timeless piece, we thought we’d bring it out as we head into Autumn with the memories of Summer 2023 in our mind’s eye.

Amisha is a regular contributor to Courts Magazine, and recently has written a book, The People’s Wimbledon – a coffee table book. “It’s aimed at ‘the people’ ” she says, priced right for all to enjoy. She believes that Wimbledon is for the people.

Discussed are the differences between the four major tournaments – the romance of the French Open, the tradition of Wimbledon, and the exuberance of New York’s US Open. There have been so many changes to the the majors: roofs, ticket prices, alcohol policies, and where we position tournament play within the tennis and private members club industry.

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