Oh, The Places You’ll Go… Judy Aydelott And The Sport Of A Lifetime

Oh, The Places You’ll Go… Judy Aydelott And The Sport Of A Lifetime

Author and outstanding player Judy Aydelott recounts the many places she and her husband, Gordon, have played and the people they have met through tennis in the half-century of playing as top amatuers in the nation. From the national husband/wife tournament to raising two daughters, both of whom are outstanding athletes, Judy takes us from the beginning of the family’s love of tennis, to the courts of Waccabuc Country Club, to the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadow.

Judy and Gordon Aydelott on tour.

After years of people saying “You should write a book” – well, Judy did just that. Judy put pen to paper after interviewing her “heroes” who include former Mayor David Dinkins, USTA President Katrina Adams and American spy the late Fred Kovaleski. Judy’s book “The Sport Of A Lifetime” is a wonderful tour of tennis and our country through the game’s lens over the last 50 years. These are the players and people in our sport, all of whom are a part of Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation.

Judy Aydelott’s interviews make for a wonderful read into the history of tennis and those who made special parts of the sport their very own.

Judy’s theme through the book revolved around how tennis was a part of peoples’ lives through world conflict and immigration combined with service to America through either the military or intelligence, political office, or volunteer work. Throughout the book there is a civility in the heroes she interviews, a civility that today’s younger generation has not fully experienced. We can only hope that they will in years to come.

female tennis player

Enjoy this interview with the interviewer, Judy Aydelott. a pioneer of women’s tennis emanating from Northern Westchester County, New York, who made her mark across the country through her playing, and more recently, through her writing.

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