Coach Emma Doyle: The Inner Self Can Be The Voice That Saves And Makes You

Coach Emma Doyle: The Inner Self Can Be The Voice That Saves And Makes You

The inner self can be the voice that saves you. It can also identify and make you. Unlocking the learning from within is the key, according to Emma Doyle. Emma, one of the world’s premier coaches, has toured the world speaking and looking at making the female a better player, and unleashing the female potential not just on the courts, but in life in general. Fast-track your inner voice through self-awareness. Don’t allow your inner voice to be your negative agent.

The Future Might Be Completely Virtual

In line with rephrasing one’s inner voice with a futuristic view, Emma believes that the future might see virtual seating at tennis tournaments and that coaching might become almost all virtual. And, in part due to Covid, Emma believes as so many do that tennis will become much more localized. Families will be more involved with their juniors’ tennis than ever before, and coaches will have to adapt to that as will parents. Technology and virtual coaching might be part of the solution.

Emma Doyle, one of the leading female coaches and mentors in all of tennis and sport.

Female Mentors and Women In The Industry

In looking at her own female mentors, Emma notes that she didn’t have many as girl or a young woman. But more recently, Judy Murray has been one of Emma’s mentors, helping to guide and support Emma through the tennis industry more recently and partnering with her in business and coaching.

What’s the secret to being a competitive girl player and, later in life, a competitive woman player? Emma mentions that she believes in cross-sport training and not specializing with tennis too early. Specialization can lead to dropping out of the sport. She points to the average age of top-level player and that older players are at the top, so no need to specialize too early.

Emma has so much to offer her clients, with all her experience since starting as a coach at the ripe age of 14. She has travelled the world, worked with the greats in not only our tennis industry, but in all the sporting world.

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