Rolex, Tennis, Marketing and Why Member-Guests Are Just One Morning

Rolex, Tennis, Marketing and Why Member-Guests Are Just One Morning

John Flaherty, former ATP and Division I player, joins us to discuss marketing to the tennis and golf masses through the eyes of a world famous brand, Rolex. John is a leading marketer for S&P 500 company Gartner after spending many years at Rolex and shares his experience, opinions and anecdotes from the tour.

We discuss the method behind Rolex’s marketing and sponsorship of both the tennis and golf tours and how golf professionals are more business-minded than their tennis counterparts. John takes us into the numbers and the marketing behind Tiger Woods’ raising the Master’s trophy wearing his timepiece, and how Roger Federer is probably the greatest ambassador for tennis that we will ever see in our lifetimes.

From his roots in Fairfield County, Connecticut, John has used his abilities both on and off the tennis court to carve a niche for himself in the marketing world. His views are indeed news for us here at We investigate the rise of pickle ball and the expansion of paddle tennis during the winter in the Northern states.

We also discuss the changes that have come to the country club lifestyle over the past 30 years. Do you remember those halcyon days when the mixed tennis member guests were a weekend-long event? We reminisce and wonder why club tournaments no longer run past 12 noon on Saturday morning. We investigate how Directors of Tennis can compete with golf and other activities that are etching away at members’ time on the courts.

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