Seasonal Club: General Manager Job Description

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General Manager At A Seasonal Club

The Complete Job Description

This past winter, BTB was fortunate to have worked with several seasonal clubs, all of whom were looking for a general manager. The role of a seasonal general manager is more encompassing than most members and committees realize. The role is almost a year-round position, given all the financial and legal components of a club.

We have this month combined the three clubs’ job descriptions into one, amalgamated document for our friends and family here at BTB.

Here’s just a few of the responsibilities of such a role:
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Hiring Temporary Staff
  • Mentoring Department Heads
  • Overseeing Maintenance

Please find below, for our BTB-In-Depth subscribers, the full, amalgamated general manager job description which combines the three clubs we worked with through Winter 2021.

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