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At Beyond The Baselines we acknowledge that every club is different. Each club we work with has varied ownership, differing goals and objectives, diverse memberships and demographics, and are at varied levels of establishment, profitability and financial stability.

With that in mind, Beyond The Baselines works with each of our partner clubs and clients in very different ways. Below, we outline the various methods in which we could possibly work with your club.

  • BTB Consult
    We offer a full consultation service for clubs that might be looking to tighten their budget, add to their membership, change their staff or staffing levels or add dynamic programming to their tennis and fitness departments. For those clubs not sure of the future and looking for expert advice, we are here to help. We focus on quick results to add to the present state of the club while adding value for long-term club goals.

  • BTB Manage
    Complete club and facility management. BTB becomes your club manager and more. Through leverage, centralization of management, industry expertise from our team of partnering club managers, knowledge of software and an availability to centralized purchasing power, we drill down into data as we learn from the past and take current data in new, stronger and proven directions. Club management is our specialty and strength.

  • BTB Lease
    Let Beyond The Baselines pay you and take the worry out of making ends meet. We lease your facility and give you a guaranteed income over 3 to 5 years. Let us take the day-to-day maintenance, communication, and hiring off your hands while allowing your facility, business and property to appreciate in both real estate value and business profit multiples.

  • BTB Ownership
    Through monthly payments or rentals, or an all-out cash purchase, we are able to acquire the club, property and business and allow you to escape the daily grind and business while maximizing your return either in one lump sum or over several years. Excellent for property investors looking to make that escape from running a members’ club or clubs that have seen demographic change and need a new vibrancy and energized ownership.

“Beyond The Baselines and their superb management team this past winter found us not only a great Director of Tennis, but also a Club Manager, and in one season turned the club right around.” – Jim Guest, East Chop Tennis Club, October, 2020

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