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BTB-In-Depth is BeyondTheBaseline’s world-class, online subscription service aimed at club governors, board members, general managers, committee chairpersons and department heads. Providing in-depth research, guidance, and information through premium content, along with new, premium video and podcast educational streams, BTB-In-Depth is at the cutting edge of the country club and leisure industries, focusing on tennis and fitness, but encompassing all that our industry has to offer.

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Premium Content Now Available

Checklist For Directors – Added February 21, 2021

Are Tennis and Fitness Just Amenities? – February 19, 2021

And, coming this month, access to our March and April Webinars! Ed Shanaphy’s How To Make Your Tennis and Fitness Departments Revenue Powerhouses and from Harry Gilbert, former President of the USPTA, We Are Actually In The Customer Service Business!

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