From Consultancy To Facility Managment

Beyond The Baselines is a full-service consultancy aimed at educating and advising club governing bodies, committees and home owner associations in conjunction with their tennis and fitness offerings. Drawing on the world-wide experience of our team members in the tennis, health and fitness, marketing and advertising industries, we look at the club’s business practices looking to improve both the member and homeowner experience through advising governing bodies, general managers and directors in best business practices to create a “best-in-class” program. From revenue studies through to software development to aid in club usage and billing processes, we look at best practices and business standards to bring club tennis and fitness facilities to the best they can be.

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Programming and Club Profile

Initially we work with your board or committee in an intimate setting to better understand the current programming and issues within the tennis or fitness department. Through our in-depth survey  The Club Profile, we look to gather data on membership usage and demographics while looking at revenue trends. Studying the transactional side as well as the ethos of the club or facility, we will help governing boards and committees to better understand the membership, their needs and requirements, and how better to meet member expectations.

Reporting and Compensation

We will happily review with our clients their software requirements and reporting procedures. Once in place and with more in-depth data in hand, we can look at compensation for current staff and compare with national and local salaries and stipends, private session rates and group and clinic pricing against revenue streams.

Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining

If recruiting new staff is required, we are the national leaders in professional search for tennis and fitness professionals, with unparallelled contacts within both industries from the most elite clubs and associations down to the smallest tennis and fitness clubs in the nation. Starting with our Beyond The Baselines Job Description written in full conjunction with members, we look to use our databases, advertising and marketing background and search experience to find professionals to best fit with the club or facility. Each candidate is fully vetted and questioned through our Beyond The Baselines Candidate Profile before meeting with any search committees or board. Retention is perhaps where we work the closest with our partner clubs in keeping staff from year to year to build continuity, loyalty and trust between staff and membership.

Complete Facility Management

If it is that your club is looking to outsource completely its tennis or fitness facility, we have several clients where we have managed the facility in full. From court maintenance, to billing and HR procedures, we have managed several tennis and fitness facilities and will look to implement programming that is a benchmark for the rest of the clubs in the region.

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